Tom Thumb Theatre: UPRN 200003082814

Tom Thumb Theatre: UPRN 200003082814. Photo by Tracy Hitchcock


GeoPlace® is a public sector limited liability partnership between the Local Government Association and Ordnance Survey. Our vision is to be the recognised centre of excellence for spatial address and street information management in Great Britain.

GeoPlace's role is to create and maintain the National Address Gazetteer and the National Street Gazetteer for England and Wales, providing definitive sources of publicly-owned spatial address and street data. AddressBase™ products are produced from the National Address Gazetteer and made available by Ordnance Survey.

Through agreement with Scotland's Improvement Service Company, coverage has been extended to include Scotland.

40 million addresses…

Visualising the National Address Gazetteer infrastructure

GeoPlace is responsible for managing the definitive index of addresses and streets for Great Britain. This infographic shows what data goes into the National Address Gazetteer infrastructure, how many changes from each of the suppliers and the number of validation checks carried out by GeoPlace.

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Authority Address and Authority Street Custodians

Authority Address and Authority Street Custodians are vital to the success of GeoPlace, the AddressBase products and the National Street Gazetteer.

The local authorities capture and maintain address and street change intelligence, each with a Unique Property Reference Number (UPRN) or Unique Street Reference Number (USRN) and send GeoPlace over 5,000 update files per month. Across local authorities as a whole, there are around 2 million records modified and sent to GeoPlace each month.

Dedicated resources to help Authority Address Custodians are available on the NLPG website whilst resources for Authority Street Custodians can be found on the NSG website.

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