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JAG(UK) publishes annual report


JAG(UK) has published its annual report setting out its achievements gained through 2017/2018 and its work plan and priorities for 2018/2019.

Specific Tasks JAG (UK) will be undertaking for 2018/2019 

  1. Continued support for DfT on  the Street Manager Project – Alpha and Beta phases and other priorities

  2. Support Wales in exploring the benefits of permit schemes and other priorities

  3. Support Scotland in the Transport Bill rollout and other priorities and represent Scottish Authorities and meetings as appropriate

  4. Support Northern Ireland

  5. Provision of industry guidance for electrical charging points

  6. Working with DCMS and DfT to agree protocols, standards and set up performance framework for the Fibre Framework

  7. Develop training for members

  8. Develop support for permit scheme roll out

  9. Develop support for potential lane rental expansion

  10. Develop stronger links with LGA

  11. Reinvigorate our web site with new content

  12. Improve member communications

  13. Continue the Code reviews on SROH, Training and Accreditation, and Coordination

  14. Help drive the HAUC(UK) business plan

  15. Continue to push sustainable Innovation within the industry

  16. Continue performance reviews BT and Virgin Media

  17. Undertake further joint NSG/JAG(UK) joint sessions to ensure coordination between all areas of Street works and street management responsibilities in local government

See the report here.