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We are a joint venture

The decision to create GeoPlace LLP followed the then Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government’s call for a standard index of addresses to bring together existing creators and suppliers of addressing data to one central place to build a single, definitive address database.

As a joint venture between the Local Government Association and Ordnance Survey, this involved the acquisition of Intelligent Addressing Limited. Our creation was approved by the Office of Fair Trading, and we started our work in 2011.

Today, working under the Data Co-operation Agreement, we have a strong and productive relationship with every district, county and unitary council in England and Wales.

Our work focusses on data

We collect the data needed to deliver one of the UK’s most valuable resources – a single, definitive address database that holds millions of pieces of information. To do this, we also set the guidance for and maintain the UK’s National Address Gazetteer infrastructure. Our work involves:

  • Creating and maintaining data models
  • Check the quality of vast quantities of data
  • Cleansing data, making sure it meets high standards
  • Working with many organisations, balancing their needs.

We also provide support services and consultancy that helps businesses, local and central government, and organisations of all kinds to improve the collection and use of spatial data.

Our core datasets are the National Street Gazetteer, available to download directly from us and the National Address Gazetteer, available through Ordnance Survey as the AddressBase® range of products.


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