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Welcome to the GeoPlace Supplier Partner Programme

Our Supplier Partner Programme is designed to assist in bringing Gazetteer Management System suppliers and the local authority community closer together, through a comprehensive range of benefits.  In addition, we are pleased to offer a range of tailored business development benefits which have been designed in close collaboration with and delivered by Socitm. 



Membership is limited to Gazetteer Management System (GMS) suppliers only and provides them with a range of key benefits across the following areas: 





Marketing and Communications – Get coverage and promotion of the work you are doing as well as the services you offer through various channels to our community.

Benefits include:

  • Use of the GeoPlace Supplier Partner Programme "Partner" logo

  • Use of the Socitm Supplier Partner logo (Membership to the GeoPlace Supplier Partner Programme automatically makes you a member of the Socitm Supplier Partner Programme)

  • Company profile and logo placed on our GeoPlace Supplier Partner Programme Directory

  • Company profile and logo placed on the Socitm Supplier Partner Directory

  • Eligibility to enter the "Partner Award" at our annual conference and exhibition1

  • Case study (aligning to specific themes) - up to x4 per annum1

  • Blog article (aligning to specific themes)  - x1 per annum1

  • Social media promotion eg Twitter and Linked In - up to x4 per annum

  • [email protected] initiatives






GeoPlace Community – Meet and engage with our community directly through the GeoPlace annual conference exhibitor slot as well as the opportunity to apply to present at a Regional Address or Street Custodian meeting1.

Benefits include:

  • Annual conference exhibition slot which includes;

    • Exhibition space (3m x 2m)

    • 30 minute roundtable session (should the agenda allow)

    • Elevator Pitch

    • 2 delegate conference passes

    • Branding on the program of events and rolling PowerPoint presentation

    • Participation in social media campaign

    • Company logo, 100 word profile and link to your website from the GeoPlace website

    • Mention of your company in pre and post event correspondence with delegates

    • Hyperlink of exhibitor emails sent to all prospective and pre-registered delegates

    • Mention of your company in promotional campaigns

    • Inclusion of corporate literature in delegate packs

    • Registered delegate list

    • Invitation to the pre and post conference drinks reception

  • Opportunity to apply to present at a Regional Address or Street Custodian meeting1

  • Segment in the new GeoPlace Supplier Partner Programme newsletter distributed to the community*

* To those that have specifically opted in . 1 eligibility and governance process applies






Accreditation– Become a GeoPlace Accredited Supplier by demonstrating your ability to correctly utilise any "Central Maintenance" API's when released by GeoPlace.

  • The current concept of Central Maintenance involves providing an API feed of data back from GeoPlace directly to a GMS solution to facilitate the update of a locally held instance of an LLPG or LSG database. We intend to accredit the successful consumption and utilisation of this feed by GMS suppliers, although this is dependant on the below.

  • We are currently engaged in consultations with our local authority community on an alternative method of delivering Central Maintenance. This alternative proposal involves creating and releasing API's to GMS suppliers (as well as those authorities that create their own in-house GMS solutions) for the submission of authority update data to GeoPlace.

  • Should the outcome of these consultations support this proposal, along with the associated governance processes, then GeoPlace will look to create an accreditation scheme to endorse the correct utilisation of any API's that are released to the GMS sector.

  • Notification and updates on Central Maintenance will be made to both the local authority community and GMS supplier sector accordingly. All known GMS suppliers will be notified of any accreditation processes that are released.






Business Development – Get access to benefits exclusively designed in collaboration with Socitm, offering a wealth of local authority insight, policy briefings, reports and individual Socitm membership. Membership to the GeoPlace Supplier Partner Programme automatically makes you a member of the Socitm Supplier Partner Programme which we are very pleased to be offering.

 Benefits include:

  • Access to Smart Places Inform Report series

  • Access to Location Intelligence Inform Report series

  • Receipt of Inform Monthly Briefings

  • Receipt of Quarterly Policy Briefings

  • One individual Socitm membership (allowing free attendance at Socitm regional events)

  • One sponsor presentation slot at a Socitm regional meeting

  • One advert in Socitm's member magazine "In Our View"

  • One sponsored piece in Soctim's new quarterly GeoPlace update featured in the President's Report sent to all Socitm members

  • One additional individual Socitm membership (membership level applies)