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Benefits for local authorities

Whilst the GeoPlace Supplier Partner Programme is designed to work in close collaboration with suppliers, its ultimate aim is to provide the local authority community with 3 key benefits;


1. Supplier Insight: By providing awareness of innovation, collaboration and associated products and services suppliers offer specifically around the use of address and street data;

  • Hear about what suppliers are doing in collaboration with other local authority colleagues through case studies, social media posts and blog articles. In addition, learn about some of the new services and products suppliers are offering through a newly created GeoPlace Supplier Partner Programme newsletter1.

  • Meet and network with suppliers directly at our annual conference as well as the potential for them to possibly attend a slot at one of your regional meetings to discuss street or address related topics2.

1Opt-in is required, 2 governance process applies.


2. Supplier Assurance: By providing an accreditation scheme for Gazetteer Management System (GMS) suppliers to demonstrate their ability to correctly utilise any "Central Maintenance" API's released by GeoPlace.

  • The current concept of Central Maintenance involves providing an API feed of data back from GeoPlace directly to a GMS solution to facilitate the update of a locally held instance of a LLPG or LSG database. We intend to devise an accreditation scheme for the successful consumption and utilisation of this feed by GMS suppliers, although this is dependant on the below.

  • We are currently engaged in consultations with our local authority community on an alternative method of delivering Central Maintenance. This alternative proposal involves creating and releasing API's to GMS suppliers (as well as those authorities that create their own in-house GMS solutions) for the submission of authority update data to GeoPlace.

  • Should the outcome of these consultations support this proposal, along with the associated governance processes, then GeoPlace will look to create an accreditation scheme to endorse the correct utilisation of any API's that are released to the GMS sector.

  • Notification and updates on Central Maintenance will be made to both the local authority community and GMS supplier sector accordingly. All known GMS suppliers will be notified of any accreditation processes that are released.


3. Public Sector Intelligence for Suppliers: Partners are provided with access to a range of exclusive Socitm public sector reports, research pieces and briefings as detailed under the "Business Development" benefits. These publications provide key insight into relevant public sector technology trends, policy and its implications, all of which can help inform suppliers to target their services and solutions more effectively. 

  • The provision of this market insight can ultimately benefit the local authority community through supplier awareness of both the existing and projected local government landscapes to which can be reflected in the solutions and services they offer.