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Continual improvement

The real world never stands still, and data needs to be constantly maintained, updated and as well as being able to adapt to changing user requirements.

With 86,633 changes sent through to the hub each day, it is clear an unmaintained address dataset would be of limited use - many users, particularly the emergency services, require continuous updates and the AddressBase range of products have been designed to provide exactly that. All members of the infrastructure that produce the AddressBase range of products play an active role in maintaining quality data:

Ordnance Survey

Ordnance Survey works closely with a wide variety of users from across the emergency services, local and central government and commercial markets, including many of the FTSE 100 companies, to understand their requirements and ensure these are met within the AddressBase products, and related services.

Local authorities

Local authorities have set up a governance structure of elected representatives who are responsible for agreeing and monitoring address data standards and quality.  These standards and quality criteria are directed back to individual local address data Custodians who each sign up to an ‘Improvement Schedule' against which they are they monitored on a monthly basis by GeoPlace. 


We at GeoPlace work closely with individual local authorities to provide a programme of support and capacity building such as best practice case studies; training and guidance.

Data coming into the National Address Gazetteer infrastructure is supplied to users as the AddressBase products under an infrastructure of constant maintenance and improvement bringing benefits to all users.