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Widely available data

Through Ordnance Survey, the AddressBase range of products are available free at the point of use for the entire public sector, under the PSMA and the OSMA.  This includes those organisations working on behalf of the public sector and the emergency services that rely on it to get to people in distress quickly.

Businesses can also access the data from Ordnance Survey through a range of licences and web services for use within a customer's business and for those wishing to operate as a commercial partner.  Integration of AddressBase can bring real benefits to businesses and Ordnance Survey work closely with interested parties to demonstrate these benefits.

Ordnance Survey business partners are able to access AddressBase product(s) for free, there is no data supply charge or annual licence fee.  In order to reduce barriers to access for AddressBase products, Ordnance Survey offers increasingly simplified licensing in line with customer feedback, and is currently working on new licensing models to improve accessibility to its products for SMEs. Returns are only made to Ordnance Survey in the event of a commercial sale.