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SNN policy

Naming and numbering of streets and properties is a statutory function for councils and decisions relating to street naming and numbering are controlled by the council. The purpose of this control is to make sure that any new street names and numbers are allocated logically to ensure amongst other things, the effective delivery of mail and the location of addresses by the emergency services. Clear, unambiguous property addresses are therefore essential.

Many local authorities have adopted a Street Naming and Numbering Policy for the allocation, management and use of all addresses within the authority, including the allocation of street names, changes to property names and the addition of new names.

Following are some policies which are available on council websites.


Ashford Borough Council


Bath and North East Somerset Council


Cambridge City Council


Colchester Borough Council


Conwy County Borough Council


Cornwall Council


Durham County Council


East Cambridgeshire District Council


London Borough of Richmond upon Thames


Newport City Council


South Somerset District Council


Wiltshire County Council



Naming and Numbering of New Houses and Streets in Carmarthenshire