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Ofcom - using UPRNs to help deliver superfast, universal service obligations and mobile coverage

Good communication is vital in our lives. Ofcom makes excellent use of Unique Property Reference Numbers (UPRNs) in AddressBase Premium and AddressBase Islands to ensure its policy analysis is dependable and authoritative.

Nottingham lead the way for smart city technology and renewable energy

Nottingham City Council are pioneering smart cities with their app to manage their district heating system using FME integrated data technology. They have combined their district heating network data with the National Street Gazetteer (NSG) to create a visual resource for safer street works.

Highways Asset Management - Street Lighting Portal

Through creativity and innovative use of accurate geospatial data however, Conwy has managed to transform and modernise their asset management system to work for them.

UPRNs delivering better outcomes for vulnerable individuals

geoplace UPRNs delivering better outcomes for vulnerable...

GeoPlace Exemplar Award Winner 2016 - Leeds City Council

The Exemplar Award is awarded to the best example or demonstration of local address and/or street datasets providing quantifiable benefit to the citizen/authority/region/nation. This year's winner is Leeds City Council for its project to use local address data to verify population estimates. By using accurate data on the number of residential units, where they are located, and which ones are vacant, a far more accurate population estimate is able to be calculated at any period of time.