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Increasing customer satisfaction with UPRNs

Increasing customer satisfaction with UPRNs


Rushmoor Council has faced increasing pressure to make savings and reduce costs throughout their departments. A process that has been helped by the Unique Property Reference Number (UPRN) contained within the Council's Local Land and Property Gazetteer. First widely used within the council in 2005, the UPRN has now evolved to be part of most council functions. This has included creating the ‘In my area' tool on their website, designed to increase customer satisfaction and improve local information, built on data using the UPRN.



Increasing financial pressures imposed on the council have called for innovative ideas to maintain resident satisfaction whilst saving money. Specifically focussing on the integration of the UPRN, some of the main challenges Rushmoor Council faced were integrating existing systems and data with the address database and ensuring new software systems procured were compatible with the existing gazetteer. Enabling this ensures a smooth, accurate flow of address information around the authority and saves time.



The use of the UPRN at Rushmoor Council has evolved over the last 10 years. Data cleansing has been carried out to remove incorrect and duplicate properties across council systems and to add the UPRN. This enables matching, mapping and analysis work to be carried out across council datasets. In order to eliminate issues with incompatible software, Rushmoor Council have a written IT policy that all new software must be compatible with the gazetteer and use the UPRN.

Rushmoor Council have linked their main systems together using the UPRN. Promotional events such as [email protected] Day and presentations to staff have resulted in a broad understanding of the UPRN and its use within the many council functions. There is a constant flow of address information around the council. This eliminates any issues associated with lack of communication and when problems arise they are easily resolved.

A key use of the UPRN is its use as a billing reference number. This number is used by the Valuation Office Agency (VOA) and means that any property data they provide can be easily identified and linked to properties within council systems.  

One example of a successful use of the UPRN has been the creation of the ‘In my area' tool on their website. It allows residents to enter their address and see what is happening around them. This includes: recycling and waste information, local councillors, nearest polling station, council tax band, closest amenities and the nearest doctors and dentist surgeries. A map is available showing the location of the local amenities. This has the potential to improve the lives of residents and in return increase customer satisfaction with the council. Further to this, it allows residents to answer questions they may have through the online services, cutting council staff time and costs.


With years of experience in using UPRNs, the council are able to carry out every day activities, whilst saving time and money for the council. Key benefits include:

•    Increased customer satisfaction and understanding from functions such as ‘In my area'.
•    UPRNs within datasets allows easy data analysis and creation of maps
•    More efficient, less wasted time
•    Easy to maintain, with no confusion as all areas of the council work together.
•    Close to 100% match rate against external datasets for the last 5 years


Richard Greaney (DCA Authority Principal Contact) – [email protected]
Katherine Sargent (Authority Address Custodian) - [email protected]
Amber Hill (Research and Communication Assistant) – [email protected]