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An address is no longer just a location - it's now a de facto form of ID. This means that if a person becomes homeless, they’re immediately cut off from the basic services they need to recover. The ability to apply for jobs, receive benefits, open a bank account, receive post: all are placed out of reach when they are needed most. Those who might have recovered with a little early support instead develop more complex and care-intensive needs. ProxyAddress fixes this Catch-22 by providing a stable address which can be used to securely and quickly to access critical support.

Get in touch to discuss how we can help your Local Authority teams with seamless and affordable innovation to help prevent and relieve homelessness in your area – or simply to explore potential partnerships which could help to create meaningful change for those most in need.



Phone Number:

0207 459 4328

Key Contact:

Chris Hildrey

[email protected]


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ProxyAddress in a Minute

05 December 2021


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