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Supporting the role of Address Custodians

The role of an Authority Address Custodian and Street Naming and Numbering Officer

Local authorities are in many cases having to consider and implement significant budgetary restraint and make very hard decisions about the allocation of resources. As a consequence many LLPG functions and where appropriate Street Naming Numbering Officers' roles are often being put under review.

The purpose of the information in these web pages is to provide a resource for LLPG functions and SNN Officers to use to demonstrate to their Managers the value of the LLPG function and SNN role and the work that they do within an address contributing authority. These pages reference key quotes, relevant facts and figures and also signposts to various resources which can be used to create a locally relevant evidence base.


These pages, and also the supporting documents signposted within them, often refer to the LLPG but also may refer to authority address updates. Similarly, the pages will refer to an authority address Custodian, but at times you may see LLPG Custodian as a term.

The Data Co-operation Agreement (the agreement that underpins the relationship between GeoPlace and local authorities) states that "the Local Land and Property Gazetteer is maintained by the Authority for the purpose of providing Authority address updates".

For more information about the benefits of the gazetteers see: