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All about addressing

This page contains links to brochures and fact sheets which help to explain about lots of different aspects of addressing.


Save money and deliver better services to citizens

This resource outlines how the National Gazetteers can enable the delivery of better services and also how they can help to save money. The resources in this brochure can be used to demonstrate that the work that an LLPG Custodian does can have very many local benefits. Download 'Save money and deliver better services (PDF)' brochure


Briefing paper for councillors

Just about all of a council's activities happen at, or are delivered to a person at a ‘place'. So where are all of these places? How do councils deliver services to them and how are they linked together? Find out more here: Briefing paper for councillors (PDF)


The National Address Gazetteer infrastructure

Find out more about the processes involved in managing the NAG and the creation of the AddressBase products.


AddressBase products

Find out more information about AddressBase and technical product support.



This document describes the UPRN and how it can help link data together.

This document outlines the lifecycle of the UPRN and its allocation by local authorities.


How the UPRN has brought savings to local authorities

A series of bite-sized case studies together with a presentation Local authorities saving money through addressing


Factsheet: Addressing, productivity and efficiency in local government

Addresses are essential to locate needs and demands to deliver local public services. Making the best use of data provides local authorities with an opportunity to realise significant savings and improve services to citizens. (PDF)


British Standard 7666:2006; its impact and use within local government

This factsheet outlines the use of BS 7666 within local authority land, property and gazetteers as well as the overall benefits of the Standard to local government.

British Standard 7666:2006: its impact and use within local government (PDF)


From Local Land and Property Gazetteers to the National Address Gazetteer

Do you know what happens to your data after you send it to the hub? This presentation takes you through all of the stages that your data goes through before it is transformed into the AddressBase range of products and made widely available across the public and private sectors.


Case studies

The GeoPlace website hosts a large number of case studies demonstrating how LLPGs help save money and deliver services.

The Ordnance Survey website also contains a number of case studies on the use of AddressBase in a number of different sectors, including local authorities.