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The National Census 2021

The National Census of 2021 will be crucial to the future of local authorities throughout the UK. It will provide the data to inform the Government's perspective on their challenges on a national scale, influence the targeting of resources and feed into decisions on funding for local initiatives.

In turn, accurate data will be crucial to the census, ensuring that every residential address is identified, and all the relevant information collected. This is where the address custodians in local government emerging as key figures in shaping the future for their authorities and the national outlook for public services.

Value of the census

The Office for National Statistics (ONS), which runs the census, has estimated that its total value for local authorities over the next 10 years will be around £1.8 billion, largely in determining the level of support to come from central government. It feeds into resources such as the area classifications and the Index of Multiple Deprivation to identify future demand for services and support the provision of schools, healthcare facilities and other social infrastructure.

It also supports councils in their joint strategic needs assessments and development of local and neighbourhood plans, helping to support its own allocation of resources. It can feed into planning school places, support for older people, transport infrastructure, energy efficiency projects, recreational facilities and local consultations

The address information created and maintained by Custodians is central to the address list that ONS will use for the Census. Every address curated by a Custodian has a direct value to the council. Not just in terms of the amount of Revenue Support Grant awarded to councils, but also because local authorities use the census to target resources and plan future demand


Resources for Custodians

GeoPlace has put together resources to help support work of Custodians and demonstrate the requirement for accurate and up-to-date information on addresses, properties and land areas.


Presentations from conferences:

We will be making a dedicated census section on the Khub available soon.