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Supporting the role of Authority Street Custodians

Local authorities, like many other public sector organisations, are being asked to make difficult decisions regarding funding allocations in the face of unprecedented financial constraints.

These pages highlight key resources which detail and reinforce the value of the Authority Street Custodian within a local authority. The pages are not designed to be sent straight to senior managers. Rather they reference key quotes, relevant facts and figures that should be used as appropriate within your local environment to create a locally relevant evidence base outlining the value of the function.


These pages, and also the supporting documents they signpost, often refer to the LSG but also may refer to authority street updates. Similarly, the text will refer to an Authority Street Custodian, but at times you may see LSG Custodian used as a term.

The Data Co-operation Agreement (the agreement that underpins the relationship between GeoPlace and local authorities) states that "the Local Street Gazetteer is maintained by the authority for the purpose of providing authority street updates".

For more information about the benefits of the gazetteers see: