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SNN Stream

A future vision and strategy for Street Naming and Numbering in England and Wales

The origin of good addressing is an efficient and consistent street naming and numbering service. Without this statutory service councils will find it difficult to maintain their street and property gazetteers and the AddressBase® products will not be robust, consistent or accurate enough for users.

To recognise the important contributions street naming and numbering officers (SNN Officers) provide, GeoPlace are seeking to support them to develop a unique vision and strategy for England and Wales.

In 2016, GeoPlace engaged with the SNN Officer community by undertaking an online survey. An SNN officer practice working group (Data Co-operation Agreement – Street Naming and Numbering – Practice Working Group: DCA-SNN-PWG) was formed to review the survey results and start developing a strategy.

All the results of the survey have been analysed and responded to by the DCA-SNN-PWG and ratified by the Regional Chairs Address Group.  As part of the analysis a range of strategic themes and proposed guidance documents have been produced. The DCA-SNN-PWG wish to conduct a further consultation with the SNN Officer community on the strategic themes and guidance documents.

The results of this survey have been posted in a report on the Authority Contacts Group khub here –

Within the document there is a link to a new response survey which will close on Friday 25th May 2017.

At this year's Exemplar Conference in Leeds on Thursday 11th May 2017 the DCA-SNN-PWG will present the results of the previous survey report and hold a workshop session on the proposed strategic themes and the guidance documents.

The group will host two bespoke sessions at this year's conference. Both sessions provide SNN officers and interested parties' opportunities to contribute, influence and help develop a good addressing vision and strategy for the future.


Session 1 - Morning

The session will include:

·           An overview of the results and response to the survey

·           Strategic themes arising from the results

·           A range of SNN guidance documents

·           Further consultation on these strategic themes and guidance documents


Session 2 - Afternoon

Roundtable discussions on the survey results, strategic themes and guidance documents.  Your opportunity to contribute or just support the development of a five-year action plan for possible achievements and deliverables benefiting all SNN Officers.

Both sessions offer SNN officers and interested parties' the opportunity to influence the strategic vision of street naming and numbering for England and Wales.  We strongly recommend attending these sessions.

This is your opportunity to agree, comment and make suggestions on future SNN strategy and best practice, so please take the time to read through the report posted on the khub here -–