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'Everything Happens Somewhere' Conference and Exhibition 2014

The role of 'place' in improving public services

Emirates Old Trafford, Talbot Road, Manchester, M16 0PX
UPRN 100012675374, USRN 41002936, TOID 1000002202489440


This event is aimed at supporting Authority Address and Street Custodians; Street Naming and Numbering Officers; team colleagues, GIS officers and anyone else in local authorities that would benefit from greater insight on how local government geographic data is being used.

The event also gives us the opportunity to celebrate achievements through the presentation of the Exemplar Awards.

View photos of winners and the conference


During the conference, a team of artists drew 'visual minutes' - an artistic representation of the presentations and discussions which took place at the event. You can see a zoomable image of these below. We will also be incorporating these images with an ebook about the conference.




(Download audio and slides from the day below)

Monday 28th April, 19:30

Pre-conference informal get-together


Tuesday 29th April:

9.00 Registration, refreshments and exhibition

10.00 Welcome from Richard Mason, Managing Director (slides and audio) and Steve Brandwood, Head of Engagement at GeoPlace (slides and audio)

10.20 Collaborative roundtable discussions. Delegates selected a topic, listened or participated in three 20 minute discussion groups hosted and facilitated by Regional Chairs and GeoPlace staff.

The topics to choose from were;

  • NLPG Data Entry Conventions 2014

  • NSG Data Entry Conventions 2014

  • Street Naming and Numbering challenges

  • Public Rights of Way, List of Streets and the NSG

  • Adding Business Names to the gazetteer – share your ideas

  • All about NLPG Health Checks

  • All about NSG Health Checks

  • Adoption of Central Maintenance

  • Migrating to AddressBase: questions and opportunities

  • Data matching in practice

  • Integration of national streets datasets (NSG & ITN)

  • Representing the full property lifecycle from plot to postal

  • How do you best roll-out gazetteer data within your authority?

View the notes from the roundtable discussions

11.35 Refreshments and exhibition

12.00 State of the nation: streets and addressing
Glenn Dobson, Principal Chair of the Regional Chairs Street Group (slides and audio)
Cathy Coelho, Principal Chair of the Regional Chairs Address Group (slides and audio)

12.30 Presentation of Awards
by Helen Platts, Head of Business Development, Local Government Association and Member of the GeoPlace Board (audio)

1.00 Lunch and exhibition

2.00 JAG(UK) @ GeoPlace

2.00 Using UPRN's to help identify fraud and overpayment (slides and audio)
Sally Gubbins, NFI Coordinator, National Fraud Initiative, Audit Commission
The National Fraud Initiative (NFI) matches electronic data within and between public and private sector bodies to prevent and detect fraud. This includes police authorities, local probation boards, fire and rescue authorities as well as local councils and a number of private sector bodies. Since the initiative's start in 1996, the programme has helped identify over £1 billion in fraud or error. NFI 2014/15 proposes to include the UPRN within most of its data specifications so that it can potentially be used to assist in data matching.

2.30 The UPRN – joining together local government information to emergency response (slides and audio)
Tony Bracey, Multi Agency Information Transfer (MAIT) Project Manager, at the Joint Emergency Services Group (Wales), will talk about emergency service use of the UPRN within the Multi Agency Information Transfer project. From June 2014, all emergency services in Wales will be using the UPRN as part of their day to day incident management. Tony will also look at how the scope of the project will be expanded to align emergency service use of local government and health information e.g. vulnerable adults, health equipment (oxygen cylinders/dialysis machines)

3.00 Refreshments and exhibition

3.30 Building, promoting and developing the LLPG in a northern metropolitan borough (slides and audio)
Riley Marsden, Geographic Information Officer, Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council
Pitched at the practitioner level, Riley will talk about his experience of developing the LLPG to make it the single database for a wide range of services and the benefits that this brings to the authority. Riley has won a number of Exemplar Awards over the years for his work and he will also discuss how this has helped to build internal support and where he sees progress in the future.

4.00 Close and drinks



JAG (UK) ran a Q&A session and workshops at the GeoPlace conference, bringing the NSG, LSG and Streetworks communities closer together and finding out what's hot on members agendas for the coming year.




The Association for Geographical Information (AGI) has accredited the conference with 4 CPD points and the Royal Geographical Society (RGS) have accredited it with 5 CPD points, demonstrating industry recognition of the value and content of the conference.