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There is availability for up to twenty exhibitors at this year's event. 


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Verisk GeoInformation
Station House, Station Road, Linton
Cambridgeshire, CB21 4NW
Telephone:+44 (0)1223 891 700
Verisk GeoInformation is an award-winning market leader in geospatial data and analytical solutions in the UK. We are part of Verisk, leading data analytics provider in the insurance, natural resources and financial services sectors. We supply a range of unique data products that provide detailed information particularly on land and building use. For example our UKBuildings product integrates with OS AddressBase to provide insight into the use, age and construction characteristics of urban buildings across the UK. Visit our stand to learn more about how our customers use our data and services, and the benefits we can deliver.
Bluesky World
The Station, Station Road
Ashby-De-La-Zouch, LE65 2AS
Telephone:+44(0)1530 518551
Bluesky is an innovative, dynamic, customer-orientated company offering a range of high quality geospatial datasets and bespoke airborne capture solutions. Bluesky's diverse catalogue of spatial datasets is underpinned by an ambitious acquisition programme resulting in new aerial photography, colour infrared data and terrain datasets on a national basis every three years. Other derived datasets include the ground breaking and widely adopted National Tree Map (NTM) - a vector based record of location, height and canopy-extents of UK trees. In 2018 Bluesky became the first UK company to operate Leica's ground breaking CityMapper sensor capturing 9 cities with an ambitious plan to extend this coverage in 2019. The CityMapper offers simultaneous acquisition of vertical and oblique aerial photograph as well as LiDAR, facilitating the derivation of impressive, accurate photorealistic 3D cityscapes.
Astun Technology
Telephone:01372 744 009
Astun Technology is the UK market leader for Cloud Geospatial Solutions built on Open Source technology, transforming the way our customers access, consume and analyse their data and facilitate more informed decision making and enhanced citizen engagement. Our iShare in the Cloud Enterprise data integration and publishing platform is used across the public sector providing corporate and public facing geospatial applications that help to solve everyday challenges and improve business performance. We also offer bespoke geospatial application development, training, mentoring, support and cloud services based on the Open Source Geostack. Over 60 organisations use Astun solutions. Astun Technology your Experts in Place
Telephone:01438 747 996
Cadcorp is a British software development company focused on geographic information systems (GIS) and web mapping software. We offer a complete suite of products - the Cadcorp Spatial Information System® (Cadcorp SIS) - addressing all phases of spatial information management. We help organisations in the public and private sectors maximise their return on investment in geographic information by making it easier to share and distribute spatial data between people and between systems. We achieve this by developing GIS and web mapping products that incorporate open and standards-based technologies.
Ordnance Survey
Ordnance Survey is Britain's mapping agency, responsible for creating and updating the definitive mapping and geographic information database for England, Scotland, and Wales. We are heavily relied upon by all infrastructure, construction, and utility organisations, as well as port, airport and railway operators and the public sector in delivering against regulatory and policy objectives. OS's accurate location data underpins Smart projects across the UK which will enable cities to make smarter location-based decisions, save money and empower citizens. Our data is used by more than 4,700 public-sector organisations in England and Wales and their contractors, who can access Ordnance Survey geographic data "free at the point of use" under the Public-Sector Mapping Agreement.
Telephone:01252 849 440
Getmapping is a leading provider of survey solutions across Europe and Africa, capturing vertical, aerial and oblique imagery, plus point-cloud and LiDAR data, from aerial and mobile mapping survey programmes. In addition, Getmapping provides a wide range of value-added services including data processing, online data hosting and streaming. Getmapping services a wide variety of markets including local authorities and central government, property and construction, mining and utilities, environmental consultants, as well as providing planning services to the general public. Thousands of architects, engineers, developers, GIS professionals and many more have benefited from easy access to our digital geospatial data.
Union House, Union Place
Cookstown, BT80 8NP
Telephone:028 8676 0990
Azimap is a cloud-based GIS that is transforming the way Local Authorities access, consume and analyse their data. Recognising the value of location data to all levels of government, Azimap has simplified the process of visualising and analysing complex datasets. Providing easy access to GIS across all teams and departments, Azimap is helping to improve collaboration, enhance communication, reduce workloads and facilitate more informed decision making. Get in touch to learn how your Local Authority would benefit from Azimap's user-friendly yet powerful tools to better identify the needs of local communities, support policy making, improve organisational efficiency and enhance citizen engagement.
Telephone:+44 (0) 2034 114 544
GeoXphere specialises in Cloud GIS and survey services for Local Government and Business. Our focus is on providing cloud-based GIS services to allow different tiers of Government to use and share digital mapping. Our keystone product XMAP can be used as a corporate GIS and share data to and from Town and Parish Councils through Parish Online (built using XMAP). We believe that by joining up sources of geodata we can help in improve public services through better management and reduced costs.
GGP Systems
Telephone:020 8686 9887
GGP Systems is one of Britain's leading providers of Geographic Information Systems, Gazetteer Management Systems and Street Naming and Numbering solutions to local authorities, emergency services and housing associations. GGP NGz is an award winning gazetteer solution designed to manage a centralised address database (utilising either Oracle; MS SQL Server or PostGres), ensuring a consistent, up-to-date and accurate base for all property and street based information. GGP's Web Mapping solutions also facilitate access to and management of gazetteers via the internet or intranet, while GGP NGz Synchronisation tools provide corporate access to and from data held in third party systems. Easy integration and interoperability are key design elements in all GGP software and the latest generation of GGP products support spatial data storage and comply with Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) standards.
Aligned Assets
Telephone:01483 717 950
Aligned Assets are the leading provider in address management solutions and augmented reality technology, helping organisations consume, share, integrate and match address data. Our innovative solutions provide accuracy and efficiency to local authorities, emergency services and other organisations that use address data. Our solutions include gazetteer management systems, and tools for querying address data, matching, integrating, spatial data management and publishing. Our solutions can also be hosted to reduce IT overhead and cost and allow your address and other spatial data to be seen in augmented reality
Cadline Limited
Telephone:01784 419922
At Cadline, we provide guidance on the latest design, analysis, data management, collaboration, and business process platforms to solve everyday challenges and improve business performance. Our team is committed to delivering technical excellence during implementation, technical support, training, consulting, and change management services. We have a passion for our business but we also have a passion for your business. Our expertise has made us the leader in our field and developing our knowledge and skills is what keeps us there. Integrity is essential to the success of our business, so if we make a promise we will keep it. Through teamwork and partnership, we will achieve the greatest success.
Telephone:0844 376 4321
StatMap is a UK headquartered company. StatMap's EVO Platform comprises application products and services which provide a full front-to-back coverage for the enterprise. EVO Platform is the most powerful and sophisticated server-based enterprise geospatial software available, utilising JavaScript internet browser clients, and provides customers with the opportunity of dispensing with or minimising the traditional desktop GIS application. EVO's outstanding addressing services and batch geocoding capabilities provide the best value and most streamline means of managing and integrating location into all addressing throughout your organisation.