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Visualisation competition

GeoPlace Annual Conference 2019 – ‘Bringing Location to Life' visualisation competition

This year we are launching a visualisation competition to showcase the creativity and expertise of the public sector community in creating engaging map-based visuals. After all, nothing "brings location to life" more than a map!

Visualisations can transform complex data into information and allows patterns, trends and anomalies to be detected. We can convey vast amounts of information via a single image which would otherwise take reams of text to explain.

The competition is focused on the utilisation of address or street data in telling a story, deconstructing complexity, or answering questions such as "where?", "what?", "why?", "when?" and "how?" when visualised.

Entries are now closed.

Enties will be judges by GeoPlace and the winner will be announced at the GeoPlace conference.