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With the GeoPlace conference taking place online, this is the perfect opportunity to get colleagues in your authority engaged with address and street day, UPRNs and USRNs without them having to take a day out of the office to come to the conference. Each of the sessions last one-hour and there are eight over the two days.

We’ve put together some information about each of the sessions on day 1 that you could use to send to relevant officers, and perhaps even Councillors.

Introduction to the conference

With 37 speakers over the two days, this year’s GeoPlace conference on 10th and 11th May will explore a wide range of society’s most relevant themes, examining the need for the precise location information created by local government that sits at the heart of public services.

Address and street data, with their associated UPRNs and USRNs are the magic ingredients that connect services to people to places. With themes around climate change, household energy, health, and housing, the event will showcase speakers from government, the private sector and from local government. All of whom use address and street data, and their associated– UPRNs and USRNs, to drive transformation, identify where to deliver services to and how to approach some of the most challenging issues for public services.

See the agenda sign up for free at https://www.geoplace.co.uk/news-events/events/conference

Information about the ‘Property & housing, improving outcomes’ session

This session will be of interest to colleagues supporting social housing, repairs, asset planning and tenant services

Experts will demonstrate how location data is breaking down barriers to deliver a more efficient, more sustainable property sector and social housing. Location information shapes planning, construction, purchasing, retrofitting, and ongoing use – so it makes sense that more intuitive use of location data should reduce risks, build in efficiencies, and enable better decision-making.

Information about the ‘Climate change, accelerating our progress’ session

This session will be of interest to colleagues working within planning, sustainable communities, regeneration, transport and streetworks, energy planning, net zero, utility management

Only by understanding precisely where climate change is happening, can we analyse the factors and create an actionable strategy to address it. For sustainable climate change impact, we need to dig deep. At GeoPlace’s 2023 conference, experts will show how location data is being used to link datasets to improve our energy networks, increase the uptake of low carbon technologies and make practical use of location data, to improve local area plans.

Information about the ‘Household energy - developing data driven insights to inform policy’ session

This session will be of interest to colleagues in asset planning, net zero engagement, energy and environment, decarbonisation and carbon emissions, retrofit, energy efficiency and performance. It will also be of interest to Data Scientists.

The cost of household energy, and the route to Net Zero, are constantly in our minds. We’ll show you how location data can make a difference. When the energy regulator moves to a system underpinned by Unique Property Reference Numbers – the very heart of the UK’s addressing system – it’s time for energy providers and service entities to all take notice. At GeoPlace’s 2023 conference, experts will show how energy poverty can be tackled more effectively; how energy fraud might become a thing of the past; and how local authorities are using this address-level detail to assess improved energy efficiency and insulation, to renewable and low carbon technologies like heat pumps. We’ll see how local authorities compared heat networks with individual building-level solutions, and explore the scale of change required to reach Net Zero by 2050. Speakers will also demonstrate how councils are targeting intervention to support residents in fuel poverty and understand the likely impact of energy prices on households across income and energy performance tiers.

Information about the ‘Protecting our population, improving health’ session

This session will be of interest to colleagues in public health, population health, intelligence and analysts, health authority, identifying and supporting vulnerable people

After a global pandemic, we’ve learned a great deal about better-supporting vulnerable people in society. At GeoPlace 2023, we’ll show how location data improves health outcomes. For greatest efficiency, a health service needs to understand how best to deliver services for wellbeing and positive outcomes. That data must be shareable, but it also needs to protect people’s privacy and become a resource for predicting needs, as well as reacting to them. Experts will reveal NHS England’s plans for a new data platform that puts location data front and centre, assuring accuracy, improving efficiency. Discover how UPRNs are used to connect information about health and welfare to other datasets

Day two of the GeoPlace conference

We recommend that you invite your line manager/head of service/interested Councillors to this session so that they can hear from very senior people in local government on the importance of your day-to-day work. Speakers will emphasise the need for trusted data to deliver services, with a focus on geographic data.

The day starts with an overview from the Leader of Sevenoaks Council and the Director of ICT & Digital at the London Borough of Hounslow. The session will focus on the value that Custodians bring to authorities in delivering and improving services to the people that work and live in your authority.

The day continues with sessions on:

Street Naming & Numbering and the lifecycle of streets & address services. Things like planning approvals, construction status and completion, Street Naming and Numbering and demolitions. In this session, we will explain how this data can be a vital source of valuable intelligence – not only for local authority services, but also users of address and street products. We’ll provide updates on projects that aim to identify and set standards for lifecycle triggers and present the tools and guidance that Custodians can use to increase consistency of approach across the community. Speakers include representatives from GeoPlace as well as the Valuation Office Agency – this is a not to be missed session!

Products and services to help local government. This session will provide an opportunity to learn more about the Ordnance Survey’s products, services and support that are available to your organisation through the Public Sector Geospatial Agreement (PSGA). It will be a chance to hear the latest developments of the Ordnance Survey National Geographic Database (OS NGD). Including what data has already been released, as well as an update on what future data offerings and enhancements are on the horizon. It will also cover updates and improvements to existing products and services, such as OS Places API and OS MasterMap products. GeoPlace’s new APIs will enable user access for statutory purposes, while web based services will let the public see street and address data. This session will also highlight the support GeoPlace offer to help local authorities integrate local systems.

The day concludes with the presentation of this year’s Exemplar Awards and announcement on the data quality & improvement achievements by Custodians. Cathy Coelho and Keith Curran, your Principal Address and Street Chairs, and GeoPlace will look to the year ahead.

We’ll finish with a wide-range panel session, giving you the opportunity to ask questions and let us have your thoughts on all of this.

We really hope that you can make it. Register for free at https://www.geoplace.co.uk/news-events/events/conference

Connecting people and places

GeoPlace annual conference

Watch videos and read the summaries of the sessions at the 2023 GeoPlace conference. Visit the agenda to discover resources.

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