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The following are comments from the attendees of the 2022 GeoPlace Conference.

On the conference:

  • Thank you to all involved for an interesting and informative conference. I've come away feeling that what I do is important rather than just money-making in a back office. Thank you, thank you, thank you - you have a great team of people at GeoPlace, and the speakers were inspirational.
  • This was a well organised and delivered conference. There's a wonderful sense of support and grand purpose to what we all do and I wish I was 10 years younger!
  • Nice to know there are others like me out there!
  • Overall, a very packed, informative, and fun conference!!
  • The whole package is excellent with lots of useful and interesting presentations.

On the platform:

  • The best platform that I have visited.
  • Really think this is the best conference yet. Virtual does give you the ability to attend all sessions, which have all been fascinating.
  • I thought the ease of attending was fantastic. I would love to see this still be an option for future conferences when the world returns back to "normal" just to cut down on carbon footprint, time away from the office and other commitments.
  • Great platform and still the best online conference I have attended so far.
  • It was very clear and easy to navigate.
  • I think the Platform was great. The Sponsors info pages and links to websites were easy to understand and use. The pop out player was useful tool which allowed me to do the quiz as well as listen to the presentations. I liked that the quiz took you to various places on the platform. Adding questions and answering the Poll was easy. The whole layout of the page was well presented and easy to navigate.
  • Excellent. I do find it difficult to visit in person, so really prefer online platforms.
  • Brilliant. Shows what technology can do.
  • I really like the online format - makes it more accessible, more inclusive as well as some people have childcare/caring responsibilities and cannot travel so far, it also cuts down on CO2 emissions (lower transportation costs also help with the cost-of-living crisis!) which is good.

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