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On the speakers:

  • "I have absolutely no background in this area but was invited by a colleague as I seek to use data better to inform decision making predicting who needs services, so I found it very interesting."
  • "All speakers were good and of the highest calibre"
  • "I think what made it was actually the control of the whole event - brilliant hosting, the transition between speakers, the added knowledge people gained linking what speakers had said alongside the Q&As posted by everyone, It was really exceptional "
  • "The overall quality of the speakers was excellent and covered a wide range of subjects from many different backgrounds"

On the platform:

  • "Though it was very well laid out and easy to use. Amazing interaction!"
  • "I thought that the platform was fantastic and that so much work was done to ensure the conference could still take place this year"
  • "Much better than others I've used. Felt like a virtual representation of a real event, rather than a webinar/zoom experience"
  • "The platform was excellent and led to a very professional conference."
  • "Probably the best executed online event I've been to"
  • "Utterly brilliant!"


  • "A fabulous conference, very well delivered, interesting, inspirational speakers on a very easy to use the platform"
  • "It was a great event, well put together with polls and a quiz. I could network easily and thought it was informative. I enjoyed it!"
  • "For a virtual event I would say it was a great success, so well done GeoPlace!"
  • "Really enjoyed it, learned some interesting things about UPRNs and the geospatial challenges in the UK"
  • "Overall the event was excellent. The content presented by the speakers was first class, I was chuffed to bits that GeoPlace has engaged government and local government at the top of the food chain to get support. The event was visionary and extremely useful"
  • "Having it virtual gave me the opportunity to attend. I have not been able to attend physical events in the past due to costs of travel and hotels"

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