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This year’s HAUC(UK) Convention will be held online on a platform build especially for the Convention, designed to enable live streaming, chat and networking between sponsors, attendees and speakers.

We understand that it is hard to beat face-to-face networking, but we are creating an environment that will support extensive networking and branding opportunities on the day, as well as is in the run-up to the Convention.

As well as streaming the speakers at the Convention live, the platform has been further developed following our event in 2021 to support virtual networking in dedicated networking rooms.

It should be noted that more people attend online events, giving sponsors access to a greater number of new attendees than an in-person event attracts -last year’s online HAUC(UK) Convention attracted more registrations and attendees than ever before.

We are building a fun, collaborative and compelling platform that encourages and supports interactivity between attendees and sponsors - the HAUC(UK) Convention will be much more than just a series of presentations through a screen.

In the run-up to the Convention, we’ll support sponsors via social media, as well as hosting videos and case studies on the Convention website. At the Convention itself, we will support a wide range of activities designed to facilitate networking and introductions to attendees. These include:

  • Networking rooms. We will build networking rooms that will enable sponsors to meet and chat with attendees in real-time. The networking room replicates a real-world exhibition, with sponsors having a stand within the room, which the avatars of attendees can visit and engage in a video chat. The avatars of sponsors can also roam around the networking room, ‘bump into’ and engage in video calls with other people in the room. The room also supports a chat function, enabling sponsors to call out to attendees to visit their stand
  • Profile space. All sponsors will have their own profile page within the platform, which will hold their contact details as well as case studies or videos
  • View and access attendees. Sponsors will be able to see the names, job title and organisation of attendees and directly message them through a chat function
  • 20 second promo. All sponsors will have the opportunity to pre-record a 20 second ‘introduction to your products and services, which will be played to all attendees at the start of the Convention
  • Roundtable sessions. Sponsors who take the Roundtable, Refreshment, Lunch, Merchandise options, as well as the Headline sponsor will have the opportunity to run a roundtable session, which will be put into the main programme of the Convention. This will be hosted and controlled by the sponsor in a zoom environment with the sponsor’s branding. We will provide advice on how to take the best advantage of this opportunity. Your roundtable will be promoted within the conference agenda, and attendees will be able to navigate to it directly from the conference agenda
  • Branding opportunities. Sponsors can take advantage of our ‘Refreshment’, ‘Lunch’ and ‘Merchandise’ opportunities to get your brand through attendees’ front doors
  • The Convention Challenge. All sponsors can participate in the ‘Convention Challenge’ by providing the answer to a question seeded into their profile. Attendees will have to visit your profile page to find the answer and enter it into the Challenge module. The winner will receive a substantial price
  • Chat with attendees through the Convention. Sponsors can use the chat facility and activity wall within the platform to promote their solutions, as well as direct message and privately chat with attendees

Sponsoring the HAUC(UK) could be the best decision you make this year – meeting influential decision-makers and well-connected, invested delegates at this year’s HAUC(UK) Convention.

    HAUC(UK) Convention

    Reasons to sponsor

    Interact with and update attendees to the conference on developments in your company, including new products and services.

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    HAUC(UK) Convention

    Sponsorship packages

    Six different sponsorship packages available for 2022

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    HAUC(UK) Convention

    Book your space

    Our online conferences are reaching even more people, with increased numbers of delegates. Book your space and come and meet them.

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    HAUC Convention

    Who's coming to HAUC 2022

    The HAUC(UK) Convention brings sponsors together with delegates

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    HAUC(UK) Convention

    Who's sponsoring

    Meet the sponsors who make the event possible.

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