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Using location data to improve the electoral canvass 640 x 400 portfolio

Using location data to improve the electoral canvass

Address data submitted by residents, but that source information was prone to error and inconsistency. We matched the data, added UPRNs where there weren’t any, and made sure every record was updated with the official address.

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Footpath through woods 640 x 400 portfolio

Analysing the footpath network for Bracknell Forest Council

Knowing whether a street is maintained by the local authority or not, is a vital attribute for streetworks coordination and the list of streets. Responsibility, liability and local authority road maintenance funding is linked to this authoritative information.

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Hackney HMO townhouses 640 x 400 portfolio

Identifying HMOs through machine learning and artificial intelligence

Hackney Council wanted to use the data it already held on existing licenced HMOs, to find out which residential properties might also be HMOs. It also wanted to know which were privately rented or owner occupied.

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Coordinating Covid response in Wales 640 x 400px

Coordinating the COVID-19 response to the most vulnerable

Local authorities need information they can trust about vulnerable people, so that they can provide effective support. By appending the UPRN to 70,000 records, the local authorities in Wales knew they would improve their responses and outcomes.

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