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Register for a service

Local highway authorities, statutory users and contractors must register for an NSG user account to enable them access to services. 


NSG registration for local highway authorities and statutory users

Local highway authorities and statutory users of NSG/ASD data must register for an NSG User Account to enable them to access the website.

Register here:


Register your organisation as an NSG Contractor

This registration form is for contractors carrying out work on behalf of an Authority or Statutory Undertaker. The company needs to be register before individuals can register on behalf of that organisation

All applications will be reviewed by GeoPlace.
Please fully provide all details as they will be used to verify your registration request.

A summary explaining the requirement for users of NSG data to be licensed for the use of underlying Ordnance Survey data can be found here.

Register here:


Register for SWA Code

To undertake street works in England, Wales and Scotland an SWA Code is required. SWA Codes are provided to organisations that are regulated. Having an SWA code also allows full access to the NSG for streetworks purposes.GeoPlace will not issue a Data Capture Code to a contractor or non-statutory undertaker.

Register here:

Contact James Neilson at GeoPlace should you require further information.