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TRO Discovery: TRO Digitisation


The project team have had engagement from over 300 organisations with an interest in the TRO Process and/or TRO Data as part of the initial consultation. Over the last month we have been reaching out to numerous organisations, some of which took part in the original consultation, in order to delve deeper and explore user needs. The research continues into March and the project team will have carried out in depth interviews with over 100 different organisations when this aspect of the TRO Discovery finishes.

As part of the user research we need to understand to what extent the features associated with TROs, Temporary TROs have been digitised.




Steps to taking the survey:

1) Please download the TRO Discovery: TRO Digitisation spreadsheet  here, complete and submit this as part your survey response using the format ‘organisationname_TRODigitisation.xlsx'

2) A PDF document of the survey questions is available here  – please view this and obtain relevant information before attempting to complete the survey.

3) Take the survey here:


The deadline for submission is  12th April 2019.

If you would like any assistance in the completion of this survey – please contact [email protected]