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The National Street Gazetteer holds Additional Street Data (ASD), which is collected and managed alongside the information provided from Local Address Gazetteers. ASD provides extra information about a street, mostly to make sure streetworks are efficient.

There are four types of ASD:

  • type 61 Interest Records
  • type 62 Construction Records
  • type 64 Height, Weight and Width Restrictions
  • type 63 Special Designation Records

Special Designation Records

Special Designation Records exist to help define the special attributes of a street. This includes data to determine:

  • traffic sensitive streets
  • streets with special engineering difficulties
  • speed limit data
  • level crossing safety zones
  • environmentally sensitive areas
  • streets with special surfaces
  • streets with priority lanes
  • streets with special construction needs
  • height, weight and width restrictions
  • direction restrictions


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