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What are UPRNs and USRNs?

What are UPRNs and USRNs - Saving money, saving time, saving lives

The LGA suggests that there are ‘easy wins’ for local authorities with UPRNs

The Lettings Industry Council - Using the UPRN to improve safety and reduce costs

National Audit Office - The benefits of open standards and UPRNs

Government Digital Service - using UPRNs and USRNs to increase efficiency in the civil service

Bringing Location to Life - ITO World video created for GeoPlace

FindMyAddress.co.uk Surpasses 500,000 Searches

“Save Dave”: HAUC(UK) - Improving safety levels and reducing the impact of street and road works

Streets Data Quality and Improvement Awards 2020

Address Data Quality and Improvement Awards 2020

What are UPRNs and USRNs?


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