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[email protected] Day is an excuse to reveal the value of addressing and street data in a ‘down to Earth' way (pun intended), and to showcase the value of high quality, maintained address and street data for your local area.

You know the value of geospatial data already. But [email protected] Day is a way to share those insights and promote the work you do, to your colleagues.

GeoPlace provides Custodians and SNN Officers across England and Wales with a toolkit of templates, items, and ideas, to get the conversations started. *Your* [email protected] Day may involve simply providing chocolates and being on hand to answer a few questions, or it may be writing an article for your internal magazine – or even manning a stand in a high foot-flow reception area.

Most importantly,  you'll be taking part in a national event that celebrates our community's incredible achievements. For the last 18 years, you and your peers have been working collaboratively to develop one of the most successful shared services across England and Wales: our national and local Gazetteers. That street and addressing data is making a difference, and [email protected] Day is your moment to step into the spotlight…


Feedback about [email protected] Day 2019

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5 June 2020

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