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Promote your value to colleagues – Gazetteers @ GIS Day helps you to demonstrate the huge benefit of using geographic insights more widely.

Every local authority service uses location data to fulfil its remit. Address and Street data is the engine that drives your local authority’s capability, with UPRNs and USRNs being available to support the services for residents in just about every department.

As the LGA says “The Unique Property Reference Number – the unique identifier for every addressable location – is key to almost everything that’s delivered or achieved by councils.”

The people who make it happen

Each authority’s address assets are updated and maintained by Local Land and Property Gazetteer (LLPG) Custodians. Every highways authority has a Local Street Custodian (LSG) who’s responsible for that crucial street data, underpinning statutory roles like permitting. And the Street Naming and Number (SNN) Officers at the forefront of addressing processing applications for new and changes to addresses as well as channelling intelligence from a multitude of other sources to the Custodians, so the information is recorded quickly and accurately. Some SNN officers with direct access to LLPGs making those changes for immediate use to the benefit of all.

Find out more about the role of your Address and Street Custodians and Street Naming and Number Officer.

Gazetteers@GIS Day takes place on Wednesday 15th November.

View our infographic - Gazetteers@GIS Day - 15 November 2023 - The work of local authority Address Custodians and Street Custodians is essential, it touches the lives of every citizen and every business and it connects people with places.

Local authority Custodians, connecting people with places

Supporting public services, emergency response and business. Local authority Address and Street Custodians act as the central source for all address and street intelligence in their area and they are responsible for maintaining the data to agreed national standards. As well as being used in internal systems such as planning, council tax, electoral roll and asset management, this data is used by thousands of other organisations, right across the UK.

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Gazetteers @ GIS Day

Your personalised report

All about your local authority's personalised set of infographics, an integration assessment, and other visual resources.

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Gazetteers @ GIS Day

Why do local authorities need location data?

Knowing where things are makes it possible to deliver services. Find out why unique identifiers are so important.

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Gazetteers @ GIS Day

Your ROI from data integration

Discover how you can get a ROI of 6:1 through integrated your data

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Gazetteers @ GIS Day

Endorsed by leaders

Discover videos from senior politicians, managers and practitioners in local authorities and central government.

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Gazetteers @ GIS Day

LGA & government guidance

Find out about mandated use of the UPRN and USRN, and access government guidance.

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Gazetteers @ GIS Day

Guide for councillors

Resources for sharing the value of location data with your councillors

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Data integration tools and procurement advice

Find resources to help local authorities to specify and procure effective systems for integrating the UPRN and USRN into their service delivery.

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Street naming and numbering

SNN Code of Practice

The SNN Code of Practice is a practical manual for Street Naming and Numbering (SNN) Officers in local authorities carrying out this function. But useful for all SNN stakeholders to want to find out more about maintaining a consistent national address dataset.

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