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What is in this for my local authority?

Do you struggle to explain why the Address and Street gazetteers are important and lack the figures to prove the benefits?

Do you need to defend your expenditure on maintaining your local address and street gazetteers?

GeoPlace has recently worked with specialist management advisors ConsultingWhere, to make a national assessment of the Return on Investment (RoI) of the address and street data to local authorities. This demonstrated how, nationally, these datasets can realise an average 6:1 return on investment. Read More

Earlier this year, GeoPlace customised this work to provide a RoI report specifically for Nottingham City Council. Read More

This has been successfully used in budgeting discussion within the authority.

With this experience, GeoPlace are now able to offer a cost-effective Return on Investment service to individual local authorities.

What will you get?

  • An expert assessment of the value of address and street data to your local authority, including interviews with your key users and decision makers to ensure the analysis is customised to your situation, both the challenges and opportunities.
  • A detailed report providing an assessment of economic value specific to your local authority. The report will be presented in the language and format designed to engage senior decision makers.
  • A PowerPoint presentation summarising the value of address and street data expressed in terms that are simple for citizens as well as decision makers to understand.
  • Links to the customised integration reports, background sources of further guidance and related studies.
Call us to find out more:

0207 630 4600

ROI Report

National Return on Investment Report

Assessing the value of Address and Street data to local authorities in England and Wales

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ROI report

Exemplar customised ROI report

In 2023, Nottingham City Council and GeoPlace worked with the independent strategy advisors ConsultingWhere, to undertake a Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) of the benefits of using geocoded address and street data

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