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about addresses

Addresses underpin everything

The UK’s addressing is respected worldwide for its integrity and accuracy. GeoPlace is the data specialist at the heart of a complex ecosystem that produces our National Address Gazetteer.

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Why location data

Street data keeps us moving

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About addresses

Learn about the UPRN

Get to know Unique Property Reference Numbers – how they work, what they’re for.

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about streets

About the USRN

The USRN is a key to ensuring works on street can be planned more effectively. For the public, this means less traffic congestion, increased safety and lower levels of disruption to road users.

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Good addressing

Street naming and numbering

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Good Addressing

About addresses

How is an address created?

Learn how a UK address is created and managed throughout its lifecycle.

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Linked data using the UPRN and USRN

Take a look at some datasets that have been linked to the UPRN or USRN by various organisations.

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UPRN and USRN linked datasets

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