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Case Study

Nottingham City Council predicts impressive 6:1 ROI on use of address and street data

Nottingham City Council is seeing impressive returns from its investment in geocoded address and street data, and the use of that data across the organisation. Results of an in-depth study show the council generated a significant Return on Investment.

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Case Study

Qualitative use cases of the UPRN in Nottingham

During a Return on Investment Analysis carried out in Nottingham, there were many social and environmental benefits identified during the study

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Case Study

Workplace parking levy - a groundbreaking initiative

UPRNs bring certainty and credibility to Nottingham's Workplace Parking Levy

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Case Study

Waste management crews access routes and addresses

Waste management is a one of the most visible of functions that the council delivers It is also labour intensive. Small amounts of time saved and reducing the number of repeat visit required has significant impact on costs.

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