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Minimising costs for maximum benefit

Delivering service improvement through addressing: Torbay Council.

Torbay Council is deploying its LLPG across the council’s social, corporate and environment services at minimal cost by loading it onto an SQL server. Any system within the authority is, therefore, able to access the LLPG via a web-based browser.

For an end user working with the social services application and needing an address, the application provides a look-up screen, which pulls the LLPG address into that system. A single keystroke can then produce a digital map.

Torbay’s Assistant Director of IT Services Bob Clark believes that:

"While the NLPG benefits are often hidden to the end user, they gain from the ease of application. For the IT department, it means that we don’t have to write code for every system that needs to link to the LLPG and that’s good news. We’re not completely council wide yet, but we’re close. The creation and deployment of the LLPG has been a very successful project. The technical achievements more so given the small size of our authority."
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