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Small district council makes big LLPG progress

Delivering service improvement through addressing: South Derbyshire District Council.

South Derbyshire District Council has proved that size and resources are not a barrier to successful NLPG implementation. In less than a year, the team has created its local land and property gazetteer; is regularly updating the NLPG hub; has linked to systems such as environmental health; and has aligned the gazetteer alongside GIS for the benefit of authority staff. Its experience provides proof that, by incorporating the LLPG and its applications within IEG plans, councils can produce effective results.

The authority has employed two, dedicated, full-time staff for the address matching and maintenance of the gazetteer to ensure data integrity is of the highest standards. It is also proactively involved in a county-wide NLPG focus group that is contributing to Derbyshire County GIS initiatives such as MACCI (Multi-Agency Customer Contact Index), which will use the district and borough LLPG datasets to provide partner agencies with access to a county-wide gazetteer resource.

Carl Veal, e-Government and Strategy Manager at South Derbyshire, has witnessed the success of the NLPG’s corporate adoption over the 18 months that the NLPG Team has been functioning at the council:

"This can be attributed to effective communication and selling of the corporate benefits of a single property database, and to the promotion of a ‘can do’ attitude towards the NLPG’s implementation within the council’s corporate systems."
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