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We're available to support you every day.

The GeoPlace Helpdesk is available between 9.00 and 17.30 every working day (Monday to Friday). This excludes all public holidays in England. We endeavour to be as helpful and informative as we can.

There are some questions that pop up all the time.

It’s always worth checking through our FAQs below before getting in touch.


General FAQs

Introductory FAQs about the products and services available through GeoPlace.
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Faqs Frequently Asked Questions 480X480
Phone Helpdesk

020 7630 4602

  • Q1 How to get in touch with a different team

    There are a range of other contact details below for different areas of GeoPlace


    Useful for:



    To transfer to specific GeoPlace staff or business enquiries

    Tel: 020 7630 4600


    For data support and enquiries

    Tel: 020 7630 4602 or

    [email protected]

    LLPG updates For the Submission of Change Only Updates [email protected]

    Health Check Exceptions

    For the submission of Address Health Check exceptions

    [email protected]


    To submit quarterly score cards data

    [email protected]

    NSG team

    For LSG classification information to be sent to

    [email protected]

    GeoPlace communications

    General non technical related emails from GeoPlace

    [email protected]

    Training account

    Training related queries and to book a course place

    [email protected]


    For all recruitment related issues

    [email protected]


    Queries relating to the DCA contractual arrangements

    [email protected]

    Conference and Awards

    Queries about the Exemplar Awards and the GeoPlace annual conference

    [email protected]

  • Q2 When do I contact Ordnance Survey, and when do I contact GeoPlace?

    We thought it would be helpful to provide a quick guide on when to contact GeoPlace and when to contact Ordnance Survey. Please contact us if you aren't sure however.

    Contact GeoPlace for the following: ([email protected]/020 7630 4602)

    • Data Cooperation Agreement (DCA) related queries and advice

    • Address and street data submissions

    • Data Entry Conventions

    • Data Transfer Format

    • Access to the NSG

    • ABICS (formerly NLPG supplies)

    • Improvement schedules

    • Website login and access to GeoPlace services

    • FTP

    • Data Linking

    • Health check and street comparison reports

    • Running adhoc reports on data held in the hub

    • Resync requests and queries

    • New UPRN ranges

    • GeoPlace Training

    Contact Ordnance Survey for the following:

    • PSGA related queries and advice ([email protected])

    • Licensing and sharing data with third parties

    • AddressBase queries and access to data

    • Reporting anomalies in AddressBase products

    • Expanding coverage of Address data

  • Q3 How can I get support from Ordnance Survey?

    Ordnance Survey PSGA support:

    Public Sector Geospatial Agreement (PSGA) support is provided by Ordnance Survey, they can assist with queries around (for example):

    • Licensing, including providing data for third parties
    • AddressBase products and data
    • Use of UPRNs and USRNs by external parties
    • Copyright statements
    • OS Data Hub - the platform for accessing OS geospatial data
    • Website: PSGA support website
    • Email. PSGA support Services

    OS Commercial Support:

  • Q4 What other ways can I get support?

    It’s also worth checking in to the Knowledge Hub where you’ll find helpful support from fellow members of the Custodian community.

    And your regional chair is also there to help  – please contact us if you're not sure how to reach your Regional Chair.

  • Q5 Useful to know when contacting us

    We use a case tracking system. This creates a new case and a new case reference number for your query, so we can prioritise responses and keep track of how to improve what we’re doing to support you.

    Some points to remember:

    • Every email you send to [email protected] will create a new case and new case reference number. Once your case is assigned, we’ll come back to you with a note of that reference number (by email).
    • It helps us if you can keep a thread of emails going, against an existing query – rather than creating multiple cases for the same thing.
    • When you call us, your phone call will also be logged as a new case
    • If you have a few queries relating to different areas than please send a separate email for each one.
    • And finally, please let us know – if you work for more than one local authority – which authority each query relates to.
  • Q6 How to call the Helpdesk

    When calling the helpdesk, your phone call will be logged as a case and given a case number.

    • Please help us out by telling us who you are at the start of the call, and which authority you are calling on behalf of
    • You will be sent an automated case number after the call. If you need to call again about the same item, please have this case number to hand.

    You can reach the Helpdesk on 020 7630 4602.

    We are available between 9.00 and 17.30 every working day (Monday to Friday). This excludes all public holidays in England.

  • Q7 Support for Address Custodians

    We can help you with queries about our documentation, DCA services, allocating new UPRNs, logging re-synchronisation requests and processing data re-supplies.

    We can also help you to troubleshoot user reports. This includes support with:

    • Monthly healthcheck reports
    • COU reports
    • Comparison reports
    • Improvement Schedule reports
    • Full reload and re-synchronisation reports
    • Coordinate analysis reports
    • Priority objects reports
    • Unlinked VOA and PAF files

    We can provide you with ad-hoc reports for data cleansing such as:

    • Postcode comparison
    • Residential with no residential cross references
    • Commercial with no commercial cross references
    • Residential with commercial cross references and vice versa
    • UPRNs classified to just Primary or Secondary level
    • Unclassified properties
    • VOA lookup table BA Ref and UPRN

    Other services include:

    • Providing bulk update files
    • Website Username/password troubleshooting
    • Address Search access and administration
    • FTP Upload/Download queries, including resetting passwords
    • And maintaining your own FAQ
  • Q8 Support for Street Custodians

    We can help you with queries about our documentation, DCA services, allocating new USRNs, and explaining and resolving LSG submission errors.

    We can also help you to troubleshoot user reports. This includes support with:

    • Monthly healthcheck reports
    • Comparison reports
    • Improvement Schedule reports
    • ASD Reports
    • Extremity points reports

    Other services include:

    • Producing ad-hoc reports at the request of Authorities
    • Website Username/password troubleshooting
    • NSG Search access and administration
    • FTP Upload/Download queries, including resetting passwords
    • And maintaining your own FAQ

Meet the Helpdesk team

Stella Loftus

Head of Support

Stella joined GeoPlace in January 2013, and is a former Geography student with a BSc in Geography and Information Technology. Stella is responsible for the Helpdesk Team, is involved in delivering the Address training courses GeoPlace provide, and works on many projects improving the many services that GeoPlace offer. Maintaining a high level of support and customer service for anyone contacting the Helpdesk is a high priority for her, and she was a finalist at the European Contact Centre and Customer Services awards in 2015 for Customer Service Professional Of The Year.

Previously, Stella had over 8 years local authority experience working on the Address Gazetteer, and providing systems support and training. She maintained the Address Gazetteer to gold standard, and obtained highly commended exemplar award entries in 2009 (Most Innovative Use) and 2010 (Citizen Award). Stella has experience working in a shared service environment and also integrating the gazetteer with internal council systems. She also has extensive GIS knowledge and SQL skills.

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Barry Howorth

Support Specialist (Deputy to Head of Support)

Barry has over 7 years experience of working on Local Address and Street Gazetteers, as well as 3 years experience of Street Naming and Numbering. He has experience of working for both a District and a Unitary Authority. He’s been working with GeoPlace since 2012, and is a former History student with a BA(Hons) in Contemporary Military and International History.

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Sara Gittens

Support Specialist (FOI Lead)

Having come from a legal background, Sara started working for Geoplace in 2013 as a Data Analyst. Her role has involved linking third party address data and ensuring that all local authority validation files are processed on a monthly basis and any necessary feedback given to Custodians. Sara joined the Helpdesk team in 2019.

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Rachel Goodyear


Having come from a customer service and sales background, Rachel has been working in local authorities since 2006 and has 13 years’ experience as a Street Naming and Numbering Officer/LLPG Custodian at Shropshire Council. Rachel joined the Helpdesk Team at GeoPlace in 2022.

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Ruth Jones-Davidson

Support Specialist

Ruth joined the Helpdesk Team at GeoPlace in November 2023 as a Support Specialist. She previously worked as a Street Naming and Numbering and LLPG Officer at Cheshire West and Chester Council for 5 years. Here she achieved a Platinum award for address data quality.

At GeoPlace Ruth can share her previous knowledge of using GeoGateway Services and LA Dashboard. Ruth is passionate about providing good customer service and enjoys the investigative aspect of resolving address-based enquiries.

Ruth has a BA (Hons) in Cultural Studies from University of Leeds School of Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies. Her interests are art, heritage sites and nature.

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