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GeoPlace teams have worked nationally and internationally – helping clients of all kinds to get the most from location data. At the risk of blowing our own trumpet, we are experts in data management; data quality; building data communities on a national scale and using that knowledge to deliver exceptional value into the private and public sector.

Our work focusses on data

We collect the data needed to deliver one of the UK’s most valuable resources – a single, definitive address database that holds millions of pieces of information. To do this, we also set the guidance for and maintain the UK’s National Address Gazetteer infrastructure. Our work involves:

  • Creating and maintaining data models
  • Check the quality of vast quantities of data
  • Cleansing data, making sure it meets high standards
  • Working with many organisations, balancing their needs.

We also provide support services and consultancy that help businesses, local and central government, and organisations of all kinds to improve the collection and use of spatial data.

Our core datasets are the National Street Gazetteer, available to download directly from us and the National Address Gazetteer, available through Ordnance Survey as the AddressBase® range of products.

Building a data community: we can provide the guidance and support you may need to get the very best from your existing data community – or to build a new one.

We’re privileged to have some of the nation’s most informed data experts working as part of our core team. We can provide insightful, easy-to-follow guidance that will help you to amplify the value of and wider adoption of your own data.

For over 15 years, we’ve been providing support to new and emerging address and street communities, supporting the development and use of the National Address and Street Gazetteers.

We can provide advice on defining and delivering a super-efficient data strategy, and on getting the best from a new or evolving data community. Our services are designed in a way that makes it easier to deliver sustainable, transformational change at scale.


Building a data community - white paper

Download our white paper on building a data community




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13 October 2020

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Building a data community white paper - 711.85 KB

the power of place

Helping you utilise the identifiers

As the originators of these unique identifiers, GeoPlace advises organisations on how to maximise the opportunity that open access presents.

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Our services

Streets consultancy services

Streetworks slow things down. We're the experts in transport and highways data-use that delivers more efficient, cost-effective traffic schemes.

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ROI analysis

Get a personalised ROI analysis

GeoPlace offers a cost-effective Return on Investment service to individual local authorities, to prove the benefits of address and streets gazetteers

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Access address data and services

Learn about addressing in the UK, and how it can be used to deliver better services.

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Working with us

Why location data?

How the power of place can unleash your organisation's potential

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Our communities

Our work isn't possible without the support of Britain's Street and Address Custodians and Street Naming and Numbering Officers. Britain’s street and address data is powered by these local government officers working in every authority in Britain.

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Working with us

Our portfolio

Projects we've undertaken to help organisations to get the most out of their data

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Working with us

Talk to us

Meet the team and get in touch

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Case studies

Case studies from GeoPlace as well as local authorities and emergency services accross the country. Organisations share innovations and best practice for using address and street data to help realise the power of place.

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