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TechUK webinar - 27th February 2024

techUK: How local authorities can achieve millions in efficiency savings from location data

techUK hosted a webinar examining the return on investment that local authorities could receive through their Local Land and Property Gazetteers (LLPGs).

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LGA Webinar - 7th December 2023

How to derive efficiencies and insight from the data you didn’t know you had

All councils have an incredible pool of data at their disposal. By linking this data, you can increase the efficiency of processes as well as gain more insight about your residents and business, in order to target resources more effectively.

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UKA webinar - 18th - 20th October 2023

AI and Data4Good 2023

GeoPlace participated in Day 3 of this online event.

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UKA webinar - 8th - 10th March 2023

Powering Digital Public Services webinar

GeoPlace participated in Day 3 of this online UKA event on digital, data and technology infrastructure. The webinar explored where we should focus effort in terms of integration, delivering efficiencies, meeting net zero to power the digital public services of tomorrow.

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techUK Webinar - 9th March 2023

UPRNs and USRNs: What you need to know to best support your customers

This webinar shares with both tech suppliers and local authorities what the opportunities through wider use of the UPRN and USRN open standards are.

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techuk webinar - 12th December 2022

Future Gazing: Where next for local government tech in 2023?

techUK’s Local Public Services Programme holds its annual future gazing event which is an opportunity to reflect and celebrate the achievements of digital local government of the past year.

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UKA Webinar - 9th December 2022

UKA Live: Data, IG and supporting the vulnerable

Good data protection and information governance (IG) frameworks will enable local services to identify and support the vulnerable in our communities. Getting data protection and information governance right from the outset will make this challenge easier for local services.

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UKA Webinar - 2nd December 2022

UKA Live: Harnessing data to support vulnerable people

How can local authorities, health and other local public services link and share data in order to identify and support vulnerable people in their communities this winter?

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UKA Webinar - 7th October 2022

UKA Live: Delivering RoI of 6:1 on your data

Is your organisation delivering the true value of its data? Does it have a consistent, joined up evidence base across place to underpin decision making? Does it use a standard ‘golden thread’ to weave data together around people and places?

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Data Connect: Unleashing local authority data – helping the most vulnerable

Barnsley Council has been on a mission since 2019 to unlock the massive potential of its data. Local authorities collect significant amounts of valuable data about their citizens, communities and places. The age-old challenge is how do you get that data to a place where you can start making connections that will turn it into usable intelligence?

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Data connect: GeoPlace and LGA - a roadmap for digital and data with land and property

This session discusses the need for open standards and ‘key registers’ for critical data assets such as land and property information to support a cross-cutting, functional model for government. It will outline the value of a consistent, joined up evidence base to underpin all decisions around land and property, and service delivery to people at places. After all, everything happens somewhere.

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tech UK: Improving local public services through data-driven approaches

GeoPlace ran a session with tech UK on 16th December 2021 on ‘Linking people with places - Improving local public services through data driven approaches'.

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Data linking and connectivity across the public sector

The Government Analysis Function hosted a webinar on 8th March focussing on the value of Unique Property Reference Numbers (UPRNs) in data linking and connectivity. Data linking enriches the insights that can be drawn about society, maximising data utility and better informing policy decisions. UPRNs are a key facilitator.

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UPRNs - The Golden Key in the Property Sector

UPRNs are the golden key to unlocking value at every stage of the property chain and provide the answers to many of the questions that have previously increased risk and cost in the property sector.

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Golden key webinar


PSGA, Open Identifiers and how they will affect you

In place of the postponed GeoPlace annual conference in April 2020, GeoPlace ran a webinar to brief the local authority community, celebrate the impact of their work, and discuss the coming year.

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