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Good quality address and street data underpin many aspects of local government business; from large transformation projects with the gazetteers at the heart, saving the authorities millions of pounds; to smaller initiatives which have found clever ways to join up other information, or to use the gazetteers in unusual ways.

Good data is critical in all of this.  Without accurate, current and well maintained data many of these challenges simply won't be solved.

The Awards highlight Custodians' roles within their authorities and enable their work to be more widely promoted to all parts of the authority.  They allow the many services which currently use address and street data to see that the high standard of the data is externally recognised.  They also highlight to any potential users of the datasets that they too can use consistent and up to date address or street data in their projects.  


The Exemplar Awards 2020 will be presented in the following categories:

  • Exemplar Award

  • Peer Award

  • Data Quality and Improvement Awards, including:

    • Data Quality and Improvement Award for Addresses
    • Data Quality and Improvement Award for Streets
    • Best Address Data in Region
    • Best Street Data in Region
    • Gold Achievement Award for Address Data
    • Gold Achievement Award for Street Data
    • Performance Award for Address Data
    • Gold Performance Award for Street Data

Closing date for Award entries is Monday 14th September 2020 at 17:00

2020 Awards

Exemplar Award

How to submit an entry to the Exemplar Award category.

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2020 Awards

Peer Award

How to nominate a colleague for the Peer Award.

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Peer Award 853 x 640

2020 Awards

Data Quality and Improvement Awards

There are various categories within the Data Quality and Improvement Awards. Find out how they are judged here.

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Data quality and improvement awards 640 x 853

Presentation of the Awards

The Awards will be presented at this year's annual GeoPlace conference which takes place on Wednesday 29th April at Manchester United Football Club. 

Tips, judging and application

For tips, judging criteria, applying and conditions of entry, please see the judging criteria page.