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Nominated by their fellow Authority Address and/or Street Custodians in England and Wales, this Award aims to reward contribution to the community, or achievement within an authority.

This could include contribution to the overall DCA governance process, participation at a national or regional or county level, contributing to Technical Working Parties, working with other Custodians to resolve a local issue such as partnership with the emergency services, or synchronisation of gazetteers, raising awareness of the benefits of address and/or street information within the authority leading to improvements in data quality.

The recipient of this Award will be nominated by their fellow Authority Address and Street Custodians in England and Wales and judged by representatives from GeoPlace.

  • Do you have a colleague who is always ready to help, or give a bit of support of advice?
  • Is there a fellow Custodian that you think deserves the Peer Award  for their work at a county, regional or national level who has worked on behalf of the community through the DCA governance process? 
  • Can you nominate a fellow Custodian who consistently performs well, perhaps contributes to the wider community through membership of one of the Working Groups, or just deserves some recognition?
  • Is there a Custodian who acts as an Exemplar to others?  Perhaps through maintaining their gazetteer to an exceptionally high standard, or creates links across the authority to improve data quality and establish the gazetteers as a trusted source of data? Or has worked to establish the gazetteer as a recognised asset in their authority?

In case you would like to see who the regional chairs are, there are lists on this Khub page.