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Exemplar Award 2024

We want to highlight your work. It makes a difference.

GeoPlace’s Exemplar Awards are a powerful way to show local authority leaders why they should be investing in maintaining quality data, and how best practice can be delivered in their own areas too.

As always, local authorities have shown their dedication to quality data during 2023-2024. Custodians are at the forefront of ensuring the nation has resilient data, continually raising the bar and delivering an exceptional level of services.

We’re now accepting entries for the Exemplar Awards, recognising the outstanding work being delivered by local government

If you’ve worked on a project that benefits people or your authority in some way or the data you’ve been maintaining has been used to great effect – perhaps in collaboration with partners – please let us know.

A key focus of the judges for this award will be the demonstration of both savings delivered and/or collaboration across services and/ or organisations for service delivery whilst meeting a clear user need.

Entries can be based on:

  • Integrating your gazetteer within other departments
  • Supporting vulnerable people
  • Collaborating with emergency services
  • Bringing data and systems together to deliver services better
  • Using UPRNs/USRNs to facilitate data sharing and joining to inform council policy and strategy
  • Making a difference to your local community.

You’re welcome to send in one entry, or multiple entries – we recognise there’s no limit to the impact of your work or what can be achieved with location data – and we’re particularly interested in entries that show the human side of your work. It doesn’t have to be Shakespeare to qualify for an Exemplar Award.

Please find the application form below.

Exemplar Award entry form

Entries for the Exemplar Award should be made by completing this online entry form and submitting it by 17.00 on 22nd April 2024.

Full name of organisation(s) or partners involved in the entry submission. If this is a partnership name, please list all organisations who are involved:
If you are a winner, runner-up or highly commended, please state the organisation name(s) that should appear on the certificate and Award:
Please provide a 200-word summary of the project in the space below:
Please provide a brief overview of the issue or problem.
Please provide a concise outline of the solution:
Please explain the main outcomes and benefits of the project. Where possible, please include financial benefits and returns:

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