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Why is good addressing important? It makes life easier.

Think about deliveries, insurance, and the emergency services. Credit cards and bank accounts, energy, and broadband.

Above all, good addressing enables organisations to work closely with each other, keeping records up to date and making sure their services are delivered efficiently and securely.

It also makes it possible to find our way around, whether that’s using a smartphone, a website, or a map.

Addressing must be well-organised

District and unitary councils in England and Wales  allocate and re-name or re-number all of the roads, new developments and property conversions in their local areas. That includes residential properties, conversions and subdivisions, commercial and industrial premises.

Once they’ve been referenced authoritatively, with a unique names or number, those new addresses are linked to the Royal Mail Postcode Address File (PAF). If addressing isn’t well-organised like this, then it would be hard to get post, deliveries or any kind of essential services.  

We provide guidance on addressing

District and unitary councils have statutory powers to name streets and number properties. GeoPlace works very closely with the addressing community to help it achieve this.

We provide guidance to the Street Naming and Numbering (SNN) officers working in local authorities, and we’re supporting the development of an SNN community, promoting best practice, across the UK. 

GeoPlace also offers support and advice via the Knowledge Hub area for SNN officers.


Resources for SNN Officers

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