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The National Street Gazetteer (NSG) is one of our nation’s most valuable resources.  Originally it was created to coordinate streetworks in England and Wales.

By using the data within the NSG fewer streets need to be dug up repeatedly.

Local authorities and other organisations now use the NSG as their core dataset for many other services that depend on accurate street data, including the maintenance of our Highways Network.

It’s one of our nation’s most valuable resources – it makes the country work. It’s a big database; with 1,486,432 million streets supported by 18,865,643 features. 

The NSG holds vast amounts of data

The NSG’s architecture has a unique referencing system that’s embedded in legislation. At a local level, local highway authorities maintain Local Street Gazetteers (LSGs).

Each of the 175 highway authorities in England and Wales upload their LSG data to the NSG hub, they also send us Additional Street Data (ASD). We publish this as a consolidated dataset on the first day of each month.

All of this information is then compiled by us, here at GeoPlace, to create the NSG. We verify the data and make it available to licenced users via downloads.

It’s the database that keeps us moving

By bringing together local street information at a national level, we can help to keep our traffic moving smoothly.

Highway authorities use the NSG to meet their statutory requirements, managing and providing appropriate streetworks notifications. The NSG is also essential for organisations like utility providers – helping them to work efficiently with contractors all accessing the same, authoritative, single source of data

Which streets are included in the NSG?

The National Street Gazetteer (NSG) includes:

  • motorways and trunk roads
  • classified numbered streets
  • publicly maintained streets
  • prospective publicly maintained streets
  • private streets known to the highway or roads authority
  • footpaths
  • subways

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