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Register to use the NSG

Register here to use the National Street Gazetteer. Organisations with a statutory duty to coordinate streetworks or a legitimate need to access the data can register quickly and easily for access to the NSG.

DataVia API

Add the National Street Gazetteer’s detailed street data to your GIS, web or mobile applications with ease and make location-based decisions with confidence.

Download data from the NSG

Download the data you need from the National Street Gazetteer (NSG). This link will take you to our services portal, where you’ll need to log in with your registered details.

Access OS MasterMap® Highways Network

Find out more about OS MasterMap® Highways and how to access it from the Ordnance Survey website.

Access OS Select+Build

Find out more about Ordnance Survey’s Select+Build service, a simple and direct access to the OS National Geographic Database for several themes including NGD Transport.

View full list of streets services

Find a comprehensive list of streets data and services.


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