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Data has the power to transform lives

Excellent addressing and accurate street data has the power to transform people’s lives.

In Great Britain, GeoPlace is the guardian and champion of that information on a national scale.

Authoritative UK geospatial address and street data

GeoPlace is a limited liability partnership owned equally by Local Government Association (LGA) and OS. We are responsible for collating, managing and maintaining the primary UK authoritative geospatial address and street data.

GeoPlace is recognised world-wide as an established expert in managing address data and its associated infrastructure. We do this to a standard and in a way that inspires innovation and transforms people’s lives on a national scale.

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Data from 528 organisations
Changes synchronised every 6 weeks
Total number of UPRNs
Total number of USRNs

Latest News

UPRNs are now ‘baked in’ to help streamline conveyancing

UPRNs are now included in the Buying and Selling Property Information (BASPI) form. This initiative is part of a wider process to digitise the home buying process so that information can be shared electronically between all parties involved in the conveyancing process.

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Street data and services

DataVia API

Add the National Street Gazetteer’s detailed street data to your GIS, web or mobile applications with ease and make location-based decisions with confidence.

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How to...

Generate procurement criteria

Try this time-saving, authoritative new tool for address data professionals

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The power of place

Becoming open and royalty free

Since July 2020, Unique Property Reference Numbers (UPRNs) and Unique Street Reference Numbers (USRNs) have been openly available and royalty free for use on Open Government Licence (OGL) terms from Ordnance Survey.

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Local Government Association

UPRN: A guide for councils

The Unique Property Reference Number (UPRN), as the unique identifier for every addressable location, is key to almost everything that’s delivered or achieved by councils.

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The role of UPRNs in delivering health and social care

The scale and rapid response required by public sector bodies in response to the COVID-19 pandemic was unprecedented in recent times. The value of data about place has been vital to accurately provide efficient & effective service delivery solutions.

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Local Government Association

Find My Custodian

To find your Custodian, simply follow the link below to the Local Government Association website where you will be able to enter your email address to find your associated council and be sent the information on your custodian(s) for that Local Authority

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Ordnance Survey

See the true power of address data

What hidden power will you discover with Britain's most authoritative address system?

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open UPRNs and USRNs

The power of place

From July 2020, Unique Property Reference Numbers (UPRNs) and Unique Street Reference Numbers (USRNs) are openly available and royalty free for use on Open Government Licence (OGL) terms from Ordnance Survey.

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Using the UPRN to respond to Covid-19

GeoPlace is working with central and devolved governments to include the UPRN in data sent to local authorities to support shielding measures for vulnerable people to COVID-19.

data and services


FindMyStreet will show you every street that’s recorded in the National Street Gazetteer. The service will tell you where a street can be found, what its official name is, and who’s responsible for maintaining that street.

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Data and services


Find the official address or unique property reference number (uprn) for every property in Great Britain

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