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Best kept secret

You may not realise it, but all councils have an incredible pool of data at their disposal. Your authority has at least one member of staff responsible for creating location data, which is available for you to use.

On its own, the data in your systems is limited and only really of value to the service that collected it. But by linking the data, via this location information, you can increase the efficiency of processes as well as gain more insight about your residents and business, in order to target resources more effectively.

The LGA facilitated a webinar on 7th December 2023 and the speakers included:

  • Juliet Whitworth, Head of Research and Information, Local Government Association
  • Peter Fleming OBE, former Leader, Sevenoaks District Council and former Chair, LGA's Improvement and Innovation Board
  • Dr Catherine Howe, Chief Executive, Adur and Worthing District Councils
  • Nick Chapallaz, Managing Director, GeoPlace

We've prepared a series of resources designed to support your data journey.

Your data

Are you leveraging your best kept secret?

We’ve produced a tailored report for every local authority on how well your authority is utilising address data and its UPRNs.

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Your data

The value to your authority

Discover how you can get a ROI of 6:1 through integrating your data

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Your data

The value of integration

Integration is a way of unlocking value from those vast amounts of data you hold about people and places. GeoPlace has developed tools to enable officers to assess the maturity of integration within systems.

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Data integration tools and procurement advice

Find resources to help local authorities to specify and procure effective systems for integrating the UPRN and USRN into their service delivery.

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How to...

Use your gazetteer to detect missing local tax revenue

Are you collecting all your local revenues? Do you know where all your residents live and where all of your businesses are located? Are you identifying all non-exempt properties and clamping down on fraud?

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Data in use

Government guidance

Central govenment mandates the use of UPRNs and USRNs. This is a collection of government guidance on best practice for using address and street data in your organisation.

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Address data

Free address data services

Every local authority has access to its own address data. Additionally, under the Public Sector Geospatial Agreement (PSGA), local authorities can receive other address service free of charge, including APIs, to support seamless integration of services.

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Street data

Free street data services

Every local authority has access to its own street data. Additionally, GeoPlace a range of free street data services to local authorities.

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How to...

Next step: talk to your Custodian

Address and street custodians create and maintain local address and street data and ensure consistency between the records for their area. There are many benefits to making contact with your local custodian.

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Your data

Endorsed by decision makers

Discover videos below from senior politicians, managers and practitioners in local authorities and central government.

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