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What is integration?

Integrating address data and its UPRNs with council systems provides authority wide benefits such as creating the foundation for data-linking. Data-linking is a way of unlocking value from the vast amounts of data that councils hold about people and places.

The first step is to ensure a common identifier is used such as the UPRN which you already have. Every record in your Local Land and Property Gazetteer has a UPRN. It’s a simple identifier assigned to every addressable location in Great Britain.

Everything happens somewhere, at homes, businesses, hospitals, schools, care homes and parks and all of these places have a UPRN. In fact, as the LGA says UPRNs are “key to almost everything that’s delivered or achieved by councils”. When the UPRN is added to systems such as council tax, social care and housing for example, you can centralise all the information known about a specific UPRN in one place – this is data linking.

It can provide insights and a deeper understanding about residents and businesses making it easier to confirm that a more vulnerable family receiving social care is also benefiting from the right council tax benefits. Data linking with the UPRN allows decisions to be made with all the facts presented. It saves you time, money and resources by providing absolute certainty. The first step is integrating the UPRN into your data and software. Talk to your address Custodian or GeoPlace to find out more.


Integration and data linking with UPRNs

See our video about the value of integration

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UPRN integration checklist

A tool for local authority service managers.

This checklist summarises key action points to follow up on within your service area to help improve UPRN integration capability. Further notes on why this is important and how to go about finding out the answers are also provided.

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21 June 2021

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The LGA suggests that there are ‘easy wins’ for local authorities with UPRNs

In her role as the Research and Information Manager at the LGA, Juliet Whitworth has a unique, informed perspective on the ‘easy wins’ with location data, from which many local authorities could quickly benefit.

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Derive efficiencies and insight from the data you didn’t know you had

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