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For 20 years, our team of data experts has been handling UPRNs and USRNs on a daily basis. Matching, cleansing, analysing location data. As a result, we’re probably the UK’s foremost location data advisors and we’re also one of the most accessible organisations you’ll ever work with.

We provide support to organisations that want to understand more about embedding the UPRN or USRN into their systems:

  • Ensuring a successful system procurement and migration
  • Data acquisition, assurance, and validation
  • Data linking and translation, sharing and publishing
  • Data and product pricing and licensing
  • Data quality improvement, analysis and analytics
  • Developing common data standards and conventions
  • Adopting AddressBase® products
  • Understanding legislation and policy as part of data strategy and process implementation
  • Promoting excellence in road network and traffic management.

We can show you how to increase efficiency and reduce costs by collating, comparing, validating, and sharing data that’s been enriched with UPRNs or USRNs.


Reveal value with open data and GeoPlace's support




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25 June 2020

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UPRNs and USRNs Reveal value with open data - 3.33 MB

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