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Case Study

Environment Roads and Facilities (ERF) digital transformation project

Bringing Location to Life - case study based on a presentation from Sophie Birchall-Rogerson, Senior Management Information Systems Officer, Conwy County Council at the GeoPlace conference 2019

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Case Study

Linking people and places The Nation’s Census Address Custodians are our unsung heroes

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Case Study

GeoPlace Exemplar Award Winner 2016 - Leeds City Council

The Exemplar Award is awarded to the best example or demonstration of local address and/or street datasets providing quantifiable benefit to the citizen/authority/region/nation. This year's winner is Leeds City Council for its project to use local address data to verify population estimates. By using accurate data on the number of residential units, where they are located, and which ones are vacant, a far more accurate population estimate is able to be calculated at any period of time.

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Case Study

Protecting traffic sensitive streets in East Sussex

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