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Joining forces and data to tackle recycling

Delivering service improvement through addressing: Forest Heath District Council.

At Forest Heath District Council, the LLPG provides the core addressing layer for the council. Departments such as planning and building control now have live links established to the local gazetteer, enabling staff search requests on addresses to be filtered through the NLPG. This ‘quality-control measure’ ensures that addresses used by departments are bona fide, which means that new address creation is standardised across these departments.

A specific application to which Forest Heath has applied the NLPG’s authoritative addressing is a recycling project with a neighbouring authority involving bin allocation: comprehensive and accurate addressing for every residential property in the district has been provided.

The NLPG receives the full support of Forest Heath’s council members and management team, and the council is continuing to implement live links with all property-based services.

Councillor Don Levick, Chairman of Forest Heath District Council said:

"It’s exciting to be involved in the modernisation of the authority’s services, both for improved service provision and for achieving e-government objectives. Knowing the efforts that the LLPG Team has made verifying the property data, we can be confident of the accuracy and spatial location of every address in this district."
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