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Your data supporting public services panel session 720x540

Case Study

Your data, supporting local public services

At the 2022 GeoPlace annual conference, three speakers addressed the theme of using location data to support local public services, making that data more accessible, and the benefits to everyone.

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Lifecycle SB 540x720

Case Study

From planning to maintenance to demolition, the lifecycle of address and street data

This session at the 2022 GeoPlace annual conference looked at the lifecycle of the UPRN, and the many different processes and organisations involved.

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Using UPR Ns and USR Ns 540x720

Case Study

Using UPRNs and USRNs to integrate data in your authority

At the GeoPlace 2022 conference, this session focussed integrating data using UPRNs and USRNs, from a local authority perspective.

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Walsall Borough Council FMA 720x540

Case Study

An integration story: improving services by integrating the LLPG into back-office systems at Walsall Council

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