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A timely process

Best Practice for Street Naming and Numbering 2007: Fenland District Council.

Fenland District Council has transformed the delivery of council services resulting in a number of national accolades. The council’s LLPG Team has taken charge of the council’s Street Naming and Numbering function. This has guaranteed that new properties receive an address, that conforms to a national standard, within a matter of days and that the data is recorded within the gazetteer immediately.

Since the Street Naming and Numbering function became part of the LLPG Team, data is now instantly recorded within the gazetteer. Historically information could take several weeks to reach the LLPG and was often given to other service areas first. Once data is stored in the gazetteer, the Team then communicates this information throughout the authority resulting in increased operational efficiencies, improved customer satisfaction levels and reduced administrative burden. The information is also shared with other organisations, such as the emergency services and the postal service, securing real benefits for the residents of Fenland District.


The reinvention and reprocessing of the Street Naming and Numbering function of Fenland Council was introduced following the creation of the centralised address database (LLPG). Departmental data was consolidated to produce a ‘master’ address database and then cleaned to remove duplicate addresses and inaccurate records. The resulting database is successfully maintained and managed by the LLPG Team and is integrated with back office systems and front line service delivery areas resulting in reduced data administration, increased operational efficiencies and improved customer satisfaction.

Key benefits

  • Address data begins its lifecycle in the correct place – the LLPG.
  • The creation of a centralised LLPG, with integrated Street Naming and Numbering function, means all services are able to use one point of contact for all address queries, which provides accurate data.
  • All new projects and customer facing initiatives will be using accurate data, where historically data may have been taken from a number of sources.
  • Adopted published policy document governing the creation and maintenance of the address records ensure both internal and external users have access to the most accurate and up to date information.
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